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Desktop Calendar


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A customisable piece providing clients with a valuable and useful product to be used all year round. It can be used as a great marketing tool or a way to express your gratitude to clients or even family and friends.

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Microvera offers custom designs on-demand for printing services to help your business make a great long-lasting impression with timeless unique designs.
We cater to the message and vision of your business and provide efficient services across all our bespoke stationery and marketing products.
Our affordable prices make it a great deal for the quality and works that we provide. With great attention to detail undertaken and an achievable desired impression, you can set the bar for your business with our quality digital printing services. We make sure that our products get to you within a very reasonable time and is delivered straight to your door and ready for you to embark on your professional marketing journey.

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  1. Moulaya

    Very nice on a countertop next to the cashier, useful and looks great with our logo on it!

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