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Circle Sticker Rolls

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Looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to boost your promotional efforts? Discover Round Stickers on Rolls. With our printing service, personalizing products and correspondence is a breeze.

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Whether you’re striving for a polished look in your correspondence or adding that final touch to your product packaging, our custom printed labels on rolls will ensure you and your products stand out from the crowd. With 24 different sizes available, offering options for both rounded and straight edges on a variety of papers, we’re confident you’ll discover sticker roll labels that perfectly match your needs.

From timeless finishes to innovative transparent papers, Microvera provides everything you need to make a lasting impression. Take a moment to explore our sticker roll specifications to ensure they align with your expectations:

  • Self-adhesive, permanent-stick labels
  • Easy to peel off without any residue
  • High-quality material, ideal for labeling bottles
  • Durable coating for extended usage
  • Labels are conveniently delivered on a roll, with a width of 33 cm and an inside diameter of 76 mm
  • Labels are neatly arranged side by side on the backing material

Be sure to review the paper descriptions for each finish to find the perfect fit for your needs:

  • 90gsm Matt: Crafted from off-white structured paper with a charming chalk-colored, striped texture. Perfect for elevating premium products such as wine bottles and luxury goods.
  • 80gsm Gloss: Featuring a glossy-coated off-white paper, offering vibrant color reproduction and a sleek surface. Suitable for application on curved surfaces like bottles, packages, and boxes.
  • 70gsm Uncoated: Made from wood-free natural paper with a matte surface, ideal for offset and digital printing. Enables subsequent printing or stamping, akin to standard copying paper.
  • 45gsm Transparent Gloss: Constructed from highly transparent, tear-proof, and water-resistant polypropylene (PP) paper, boasting a glossy coated surface for added durability.


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