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Metallic Business Cards

5.0 (7 reviews)

  • Print ready
  • Detailed design
  • Color effects
  • Double sided – optional
  • 3 design concepts
  • 3 revisions
  • Estimated completion: 5 days

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Metallic Business Cards are a vibrant choice for many types of brands. They can be versatile, reflecting different moods depending on your design. Whether you want something bold, fancy, technical, or fun, metallic finish cards can do it all.

Our iridescent paper stocks add personality to your details even before printing. Pink and blue iridescent stocks can be used as a background or for contrasting prints, creating a striking look. You can also experiment with all-over patterns for a mix of colors and textures.

7 مراجعات لـ Metallic Business Cards

  1. Nina

    Excellent quality and exactly how I wanted it. It was very soft and they lasted a very long time.

  2. Huda

    The matte business cards were a great addition to the clinic, very useful and really do the job

  3. Elkenani

    I have used many of these in my business and they were very good for the clients to get quick important information to contact us and even give to their friends and family who they thought would need our services – they were perfect, thanks

  4. Mohamad

    Perfect quality business cards, great job done and very visually pleasing.

  5. Ali Hashim

    An absolute must-have stationery for the company, they were great to include in delivery packages or handed with items.
    Highly recommend

  6. Nabil

    Their business cards were a fantastic addition to the business and very useful, thank you

  7. Nabil

    The matte finish on the cards truly gave them a professional feel and helps legitimise your business in your client’s eyes. We had to reorder as we were running out so fast!

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