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Pulp Flyers & Leaflets

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When glossy or silky smooth just don’t fit your brand, Pulp Leaflets offer a raw, authentic feel that’s perfect for expressing your individuality. Raw and uncoated, Natural Flyers and Leaflets add a unique texture that’s ideal for brands looking to stand out. Colors pop vividly, and with a full range of sizes and formats available, your branding is sure to make an impact.

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When you want to add some tactile texture, high-quality Pulp Flyers and Leaflets bring an extra dimension to your message. They’re perfect for when you need a break from glossy flyers or want to convey a more down-to-earth brand message.

An uneven finish sets the right mood for a personal, retro, or homespun message, or for a more formal piece with a classic feel. Pulp Flyers come in sizes, and Pulp Leaflets can be ordered single or double-sided for maximum versatility.


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