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Circle Sticker Sheets

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Spread your message far and wide with Circle Sticker Sheets, available in various sizes. Explore different paper types to find the right material for your needs, whether it’s handling temperature or moisture conditions.

Please note that the quantity you select refers to the number of individual stickers, not sheets.

If your design includes a border, ensure it starts at least 3mm away from the sticker’s edge to prevent uneven appearance due to minor production variations.

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Our custom sticker sheets are printed on PCL gloss sticker paper, perfect for leaving a memorable impression at events or promotions. You have full control over the sticker design, whether you’re promoting a sale, social media account, or simply saying hello.

Custom sticker sheets offer quick and easy use at various events and promotions. Choose from a range of sizes and shapes, allowing you to fit multiple stickers on one sheet or create a more intricate design on larger stickers. Plus, our sustainably sourced gloss backing paper ensures easy peeling for hassle-free application.

Here’s how many stickers are on 1 sheet for different sizes:

37mm: 35 stickers per sheet
51mm: 15 stickers per sheet
64mm: 12 stickers per sheet
76mm: 6 stickers per sheet
88mm: 6 stickers per sheet
100mm: 4 stickers per sheet


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