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Rectangle Sticker Sheets

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Square Sticker Sheets offer a friendly way to connect with your customers or add a touch of character to your packaging. Clear labels are perfect for windows or jars of food products. Whatever the container, our labels are built to endure heat, cold, or moisture.

Please keep in mind that the quantity you select refers to the number of stickers, not sheets.



Choose from a variety of sticker sizes and shapes. You can fit numerous stickers on one sheet or opt for a more detailed design on larger stickers. Additionally, our sustainably sourced glossy backing paper ensures easy peeling and application.

Here’s a breakdown of sticker quantities per sheet:

25mm x 51mm: 35 stickers per sheet
45mm x 80mm: 12 stickers per sheet
62mm x 33mm: 24 stickers per sheet
63mm x 88mm: 9 stickers per sheet
75mm x 110mm: 4 stickers per sheet
76mm x 51mm: 10 stickers per sheet
94mm x 140mm: 4 stickers per sheet
96mm x 45mm: 12 stickers per sheet
96mm x 68mm: 8 stickers per sheet


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