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Rectangle Sticker Rolls

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Discover an affordable and convenient way to promote your brand with Rectangular Stickers on Rolls. Our printing service allows you to customize stickers effortlessly, giving your products and correspondence a personal touch.

Please keep in mind that the quantity you select refers to the number of stickers, not sheets.



Whether you’re aiming to elevate your correspondence or add a final touch to your product packaging, personalized printed labels on a roll will help your brand stand out. Available in 24 different sizes and offered with both rounded and straight edge options on various papers, you’re sure to find sticker roll labels that suit your preferences. Take a moment to review our sticker roll specifications to ensure they meet your needs:

  • Self-adhesive, permanent-stick labels
  • Easy to peel off without leaving scrap material
  • Superior material, perfect for bottle labels
  • Durable coating for long-lasting use
  • Labels delivered on a roll. Roll width: 33 cm, inside diameter: 76 mm
  • Labels placed side by side on the backing material

Explore paper descriptions for each finish to find the perfect option for you:

  • 90gsm Matt:
    Off-white structured paper with a chalk-colored, striped finish. Ideal for labels on premium products such as wine bottles and luxury goods.
  • 80gsm Gloss:
    Glossy-coated, off-white self-adhesive paper known for brilliant color reproduction and a glossy surface finish. Suitable for use on curved surfaces like bottles, packages, and boxes.
  • 70gsm Uncoated:
    Wood-free natural paper with a matte surface suitable for offset and digital printing applications. Allows for subsequent printing or stamping, similar to standard copying paper.
  • 45gsm Transparent Gloss:
    Highly transparent, tear-proof, and water-resistant polypropylene (PP) paper with a glossy coated surface.


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