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Stapled Wall Calendars

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Create a year-long showcase of your own images with our Stapled Wall Calendars. Whether it’s for merchandise, a consumer product, or a promotional giveaway, these calendars offer a fantastic opportunity to leave a lasting impression over twelve months.
Printed in full color on your choice of paper stocks and equipped with a drill hole for easy hanging, our Stapled Wall Calendars will brighten up any workplace or home.

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Ideal for brands with visual identity at their core or organizations aiming for visually captivating consumer products, our Stapled Wall Calendars are the perfect choice.
Each calendar is assembled from seven folded sheets, resulting in a fourteen-page document. This allows for a front and back cover, twelve double-page spreads for each month, plus one bonus double-page spread.
Every month features a new double-page spread, typically showcasing full-bleed imagery above a grid of dates on the lower page. The extra spread can be used as a year planner or to display additional messaging and imagery.
With a punched hole at the open edge of each page, our calendars can be easily mounted with a hook or drawing pin on walls or notice boards in homes or workplaces.


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