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Wall Planners

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Yearly Wall Planners offer a clear visual representation of the year ahead. Simply grab a pen, jot down your plans, and say goodbye to double-bookings!



These A2-sized calendars allow you and your customers to plan weeks, months, and the entire year. They’re perfect for enhancing organization and preventing scheduling conflicts. Custom Wall Planners provide year-round exposure for your business, keeping your brand top of mind. Pair them with a branded pen for a complete promotional package that helps your customers navigate the future with your brand by their side.

Our calendars come in a jumbo A2 size for easy readability. Choose between landscape or portrait orientation to suit your customers’ preferences. Select from 130gsm Silk or 110gsm Bond paper stocks to further personalize your printed Wall Planners.

You have two customization options: one allows you to add your logo and adjust colors to match your brand, while the other provides space for adding photos, ensuring your customers stay focused on your brand all year long.


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