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Textured Business Cards

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  • Print ready
  • Detailed design
  • Color effects
  • Double sided – optional
  • 3 design concepts
  • 3 revisions
  • Estimated completion: 5 days


Stand out from the crowd and add a tactile touch to your Business Cards. Your customers and contacts will feel the difference, recognizing your attention to detail and originality right away.

Textured Business Cards let you express your brand values without saying a word. Whether it’s a cozy, rustic feel or a precise, technical pattern, these cards speak volumes about your uniqueness. Experience the strong, consistent texture of these high-quality Business Cards. These Textured Business Cards show the care you put into your small business. Their unique, intricate design is sure to catch your customers’ eyes.

Printed on durable 400gsm textured tweed, these cards are built to last. You can choose single or double-sided printing in a variety of sizes. You’re in charge of your design. Pick between classic squared or stylish rounded corners to complete your Textured Business Cards.


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